30mg  CBDA Face Cream 2oz 

Rejuvenate, Removes Wrinkles, Inflammation, Eczema. Research suggests that CBD oil may have use as a treatment for a range of skin conditions, such as acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis. This is due to its potential anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.


Not only does CBDA Speed Up Cell Turnover, it is One of the Most Powerful Antioxidants on the Planet,  meaning it Protects the Skin from Free Radicals like UV Rays, Smoke, and Environmental Pollutants. Free Radicals Lead to Wrinkles and Fine Lines, but Antioxidants Protect Our Skin from this Damage and Help Fight the Effects of Aging.

CBDA contains all 21 known Amino Acids, and it is Anti-inflammatory, Reducing Redness, Puffiness, and Associated Aches and Pain.

30mg CBDA Face Cream 2oz Rejuvenate Remove Wrinkles