2000mg CBDA & MCT Oil  Infused Tincture   (Lemon Flavored)

Inflammation, Nausea & Vomiting, Anti-Cancer, Anxiety, Seizures, Breast Cancer, Other Types Of Cancer. 

CBDA Treats & Prevents Sars & Covid.CBDA Is 1000 Times Stronger Then CBD.

Take  One Full Dropper, Keep In Mouth For 2 Minutes, Then Swallow. This Will Allow The CBDA Into Your Blood Stream. 

You Can Also Take This Is Your Going Through Chemo, Radiation Treatment.

It Will Stop You From Vomiting & Help Keep Your Appetite. 

More Information Below On CBDA: 


This Product Was Made By Poppa T, At The Shop. 

2000mg CBDA & MCT Oil  Infused Tincture (30ml)