Tony "Poppa T" Falasca
901 CBD&Memphis-CBD


Tony "Poppa T" Falasca
I Am A Disabled Veteran (US. Navy)
I Was An MS (Mess 
Specialist) I Was Cooking For Rear Admiral Robert Burnet Rogers.
(Norfolk, Va.) I Had A Siezure My Third Year.
Was Released With honorary Discharge Receiving 20% Each Month From VA Affairs. 
I was On Massive Opioids To Stop Seizures.

Started Taking CBD Oil And It Took Me Off The Opioids & I Enjoy My Life Again.

I Started This Awesome Company 901 CBD June 2018. I Started making CBD & Delta-8 Products
All Products Sold From My Kitchen.
Then Moved Onto Oak Court Mall, Memphis
(1 Year).

We Are Located Today 2764 Bartlett Blvd. Bartlett, Tn.  Have Been Here For 3 Years.  

Open: 12pm To 6pm Closed Sunday.